Privacy Policy

1. Responsible party, applicable scope
At GRUNWALD, we offer an online presence so that users can inform themselves about GRUNWALD and make contact with us. We take the security of your data very seriously. We utilise personally identifiable data only within the scope of the applicable data protection provisions. Our objective in providing you with this Privacy Policy is to inform you about how we use personal data that we receive from you via our online presence ( The responsible party is GRUNWALD Kommunikation und Marketingdienstleistungen GmbH & Co. KG ("GRUNWALD" or "we"). For more details about GRUNWALD, please see the Legal Notice. You can also email us at with any questions or suggestions that you have on the topic of data protection.

2. Log files, analysis tools, cookies 
With each access made to the GRUNWALD online presence, items of communication data are generated automatically. Only once this data does not have a specific link to a person (e.g. by anonymising the IP address) is it saved and utilised by GRUNWALD – so as to acquire technical or statistical information in order to carry out fault resolution or improve the website, or for the purposes of research and analysis (including geolocation). In addition, GRUNWALD also uses tracking pixels and the standard analysis tool Google Analytics, each of which is configured so that no personal data is utilised. We also make use of items known as "cookies" (session IDs). Cookies are text files that the user's browser stores on the user's computer, either temporarily or permanently. Cookies are used to ensure the uniformity of a communication process. Temporary cookies can be used to decide which accesses made to a website belong to a single period of usage (a session). Permanent cookies are used to identify a returning user, so as to be able to configure personal settings, for example. Users can themselves decide whether or not their browser should use cookies. All browser applications enable their users to deactivate or delete cookies. Functionality that depends on recognising the computer will then be unavailable or have only limited availability, however. The IP address passed (in anonymised form) to Google Analytics by your browser is not consolidated with other data held by Google. Furthermore, you can prevent the forwarding of the data that is generated by the cookie – and which relates to your usage of the website (incl. your anonymised IP address) – to Google and the processing of this data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plugin available from the following link ( We reserve the right to commission third parties to support us in the provisioning of our online presence (e.g. service providers, when operating technical platforms). In such cases, however, the use of your information is monitored responsibly by us at all times.

Alternativ zum Browser-Add-On oder innerhalb von Browsern auf mobilen Geräten, klicken Sie bitte diesen Link, um die Erfassung durch Google Analytics innerhalb dieser Website zukünftig zu verhindern (das Opt Out funktioniert nur in diesem Browser und nur für diese Domain). Dabei wird ein Opt-Out-Cookie auf Ihrem Gerät abgelegt. Löschen Sie Ihre Cookies in diesem Browser, müssen Sie diesen Link erneut klicken.

3. Data entered by users
When you establish contact with us, e.g. by emailing us or by completing forms or data entry fields, we use your personal data in order to be able to process your enquiry. Your data is used voluntarily and only to the extent required or to the extent to which you have given your prior consent.

4. Disclosure, deletion and blocking of data, withdrawal of consent
On request, GRUNWALD will disclose details of the data stored about a person without delay and without charge, either electronically or in writing, as required. Insofar as the utilisation of personal data is subject to the consent of the user, the user may withdraw such consent for future utilisation at any time. This can also be done by sending an email to . If consent is withdrawn, however, services may then become unavailable to the user, or it may not then be possible to reply to the user's enquiry.

5. Security 
We use the conventional and standard security procedures in order to protect your personal data from unauthorised access and publication. Please do not include sensitive data in contact forms or emails, since these cannot be considered secure methods of communication. If you have any questions about the security of our website, please email us at